Mini Excavators

Mini excavators, also known as compact excavators, are essential tools in construction and landscaping. Despite their small size, they're powerful and maneuverable, making them great for tight spaces. They excel at digging, trenching, grading, and handling materials, thanks to their advanced hydraulic systems and various attachments. Powered by strong diesel engines, they tackle demanding tasks with ease. Whether on tracks or wheels, mini excavators prioritize efficiency and versatility, shaping construction and landscaping projects worldwide.

Products List


Get unbeatable value with our cheap price brand new mini wheeled excavator, boasting a full hydraulic system. With a weight of 6 tons and a powerful 48 kW engine, it reaches impressive speeds of 35 km/h and can dig to a maximum depth of 3380 mm. This compact powerhouse is perfect for a variety of tasks.


Discover our brand-new wheel mini hydraulic excavators, compact and powerful. With a machine weight of 4.5 tons and a rated power of 36.8 / 36.2 kW, these excavators can reach a maximum digging reach of 5700 mm. Their agility is matched by a walking speed of 15 km/h, making them ideal for a range of tasks.


Discover our premium Wheeled Mini Hydraulic Backhoe Excavators: With a capacity of 2.5 tons and engine power of 19.1 kW, these machines excel. They feature a tail swing radius of 1980 mm and an impressive max digging reach of 3900 mm.


Introduce our 5 Ton Mini Excavator crafted in China: A versatile solution for a wide array of tasks. Its compact design guarantees agility, allowing it to tackle projects with remarkable precision.


Leading Chinese Manufacturer of 2.5 - 3 Tons Wheeled Mini Diggers: These compact and mobile small wheeled diggers excel in pipe excavation, foundation work, and house maintenance tasks.


Presenting our Mini Rubber Chain Crawler Excavators–compact and versatile machines weighing 1600 kg (1.6 Ton). With a rated power range of 13.6 kw to 19 kw, these excavators deliver efficient performance. Equipped with a 790 mm tail swing radius, 0.04 m³ bucket volume, and impressive dimensions, they excel in various tasks. Achieve a Max Digging Reach of 2882 mm and navigate challenging terrains effortlessly with a Gradeability of < 30°.


Explore our Mini Crawler Excavators–a dynamic solution for your projects. With an operating weight of 840 kg and a rated power of 7.4 kW, it's designed for efficiency. Featuring a tail swing radius of 790 mm and a 0.22 m³ bucket volume, it's perfect for tight spaces. Reach up to 2882 mm for digging and achieve precision with a Max Digging Depth of 1748 mm. Whether it's landscaping or construction, this excavator delivers power with a Gradeability of < 30°.


Introducing our Mini Crawler Excavator–a compact powerhouse weighing 1600 kg. With a rated power of 13.6/19 kW, it offers efficient operation. Featuring a 940 mm tail swing radius, 0.04 m³ bucket volume, and impressive dimensions, it excels in diverse construction tasks. With a Max Digging Reach of 3800 mm and a Gradeability of < 30 °. Whether you're working on landscaping, construction, or other tasks, our 1.6 Ton Mini Excavator is your reliable partner for efficiency, power, and performance.


Discover our compact tire excavator solution, featuring an independent hydraulic steering system and an automatic gearbox with high and low-speed gear options. Your go-to supplier for small-sized excavator needs.


Introducing our Compact Digger Machine: Our excavators are engineered for precision and productivity, offering specialized attachments designed for confined spaces to optimize performance. Discover the ultimate efficiency in excavation.