Special Construction Machinery

Special construction machinery means special equipment made for certain jobs in construction. It's different from regular machines like excavators or bulldozers because it's built for specific tasks on construction sites. These machines are made to handle unique challenges or needs that come up during building projects. We Offer Tractor Grab Loaders, Cotton Handling Grapple Cranes and Coal Unloading Excavator Machine, etc.

Products List


We offer off-road aerial work equipment based on a wheel excavator platform. These machines can achieve a max lifting height of ≤ 18000 mm, a max extend length of ≤ 15000 mm, and can handle a max lifting weight of ≤ 400 kg. They are ideal for various elevated work applications.


Discover our brand-new tire excavator plant from China, featuring a turbocharged engine for optimal power. Equipped with a cotton grapple and a plunger pump for smooth operation, it also includes a 360° rotary grab for efficient material handling.


Explore our hydraulic type shearing metal machine is equipped with a hydraulic automatic transmission for swift movement. It also offers enhanced stability thanks to the inclusion of double boom cylinders, making it a reliable choice for metal shearing tasks.


Discover our hydraulic-type wheeled excavator is equipped with a grapple saw, enabling efficient secondary crushing and steel-concrete separation. It also offers quick mounting options for versatile operations.


Explore our scrap metal shear excavator, with a machine weight of 16.5 tons and a rated power of 103 kW, delivers impressive performance. It offers a max cutting force of 350 KN, a walking speed of 5 km/h, and features a 360° rotation capability for efficient scrap metal handling.


Our car dismantling machine is equipped with essential features including a hydraulic shear, hydraulic automatic transmission, and double boom cylinder to ensure smooth and efficient operations during car dismantling.


Introducing our brand-new cotton handling crane, a wheeled type equipment powered by a rated 62.5 kW engine. This crane is equipped with a plunger pump and a 360° rotary grab, making it perfect for efficiently loading sugar canes and timbers.


Discover our waste car demolition and scrap recycling equipment, featuring a wheeled design, offers fast hydraulic movement and enhanced stability thanks to the inclusion of double boom cylinders. It's the ideal solution for efficient scrap recycling operations.


Discover our wheeled cotton bales grab loader, expertly manufactured to handle cotton bales. With an operating weight of 7.8 tons and a powerful 62.5 kW engine, this loader ensures efficient performance. It boasts a maximum opening grab width of 1250 mm and can handle a maximum radius grab of 800 kg, making it a versatile solution for cotton handling needs.


Allow us to introduce the Heavy-Duty Log Wood Transport Truck Trailer Supplier, your dependable ally for efficient hauling. With a weight of 6 tons and driven by an 85 kW engine, it guarantees peak performance. Accompanied by a maximum traction force of 88 KN and a versatile travel speed spanning 3 to 6.5 km/h, this trailer proves its mettle in strenuous tasks. Count on it to provide smooth log wood transportation with unwavering power and precision.