6 Ton Heavy Duty Log Wood Transport Truck Trailer

Key Specifications / Features

Model No.: WE-230815-SCM-02 Hits: 3

Allow us to introduce the Heavy-Duty Log Wood Transport Truck Trailer Supplier, your dependable ally for efficient hauling. With a weight of 6 tons and driven by an 85 kW engine, it guarantees peak performance. Accompanied by a maximum traction force of 88 KN and a versatile travel speed spanning 3 to 6.5 km/h, this trailer proves its mettle in strenuous tasks. Count on it to provide smooth log wood transportation with unwavering power and precision.
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Detail Information

(Length * Width * Height) Travel Position: 4980 * 2000 * 2500 mm
Container Overall Length * Overall Width: 3400 * 1900 mm
Container Height: 1070 mm
Container Lifting Height: 3500 mm
Ground Clearance of Container: 240 mm
Max. Slop Angle of Container: 40 °
Ground Clearance of Cab: 820 mm
Wheel Base: 2570 mm
Track Gauge: 1470 mm
Crawler Width: 450 mm
Crawler Length:3270 mm
Min. Ground Clearance: 510 mm    
Machine Weight: 6000 kg
Rated Load: 8000 kg
Engine Model: 4M3Z-22
Rated Power/Rpm: 85 kw/2200 r
Hydraulic System Flow    : 270 L/Min
Hydraulic System Operating Pressure: 28 Mpa
Travel Speed: 3 - 6.5 km/h
Max Traction Force: 88 KN
Gradeability: 70%/35 °
Fqt Fuel Quantity: ≧8 L/h
Fuel Tank Capacity: 250 L
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity: 270 L

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