A Sugarcane Harvester is a special farming machine made for harvesting sugarcane quickly and effectively. It's designed with specific tools and parts to cut, gather, and process sugarcane stalks efficiently. This machine is crucial for sugar production, as it helps farmers collect ripe sugarcane plants from fields without wasting time. By making harvesting easier and faster, sugarcane harvesters play a big role in farming and getting sugar to our tables.
Discover our cutting-edge Sugarcane Cutting Machine, available at a hot sale price. This state-of-the-art, compact design ensures efficient sugarcane harvesting with user-friendly operation.
Our Whole Stalk SugarCane Harvester, equipped with an automatic hydraulic system and crawler design, offers exceptional efficiency and durability for seamless cutting, peeling, and collecting of sugarcane.
Reliable wheeled Sugarcane harvesting machines supplier from China: offering a Whole Stalk Harvester weighing 7.2 tons with a robust 65 KW power output, delivering a productivity range of 3.0-4.5 kg/s, and a maximum walking speed of ≥26 km/h.
Consider our brand new Sugar Cane harvesting equipment from China, a crawler-type machine weighing 5.6 tons. With a remarkable productivity of 2.9 kg/s and a total loss of combine at ≤ 5%, it's a top choice for efficient sugarcane harvesting.
We are the producer of brand-new whole stalk sugarcane harvesters. These machines have a weight of 9 tons, an engine power of 74 kW, and ensure a total loss of combine ≤ 5. With a productivity range of 3.0 - 4.5 kg/s, they are designed for efficient sugarcane harvesting.
Introducing our dependable Wheeled Type Whole Stalk Sugarcane Harvester, designed for unparalleled performance. With a robust build weighing 7.2 tons and a powerful engine boasting 65 kW, this harvester ensures efficient operations. Zooming at a maximum walking speed of ≥ 26 km/h, it's a true powerhouse in the field. Equipped with advanced features such as GPS and Hydraulic Guide Control, this harvester is your trusted partner for precision and productivity.
Meet the Crawler Sugar Cane Harvesting Machine: a robust solution meticulously crafted for effective sugarcane harvesting. This machine boasts a 95.6 KW rated power engine and an intelligent automatic rubber crawler undercarriage, ensuring seamless operation at a maximum walking speed of 5 km/h. With an operating weight of 5600 kg, coupled with advanced features like GPS and hydraulic guide control, it guarantees a productivity rate of 2.9 kg/s while upholding stability even on inclines of up to 18°.
Discover our Mini Wheeled Sugarcane Harvester & Leaves Removing Machine – a powerful solution for efficient sugarcane harvesting. With an operating weight of 8500 kg (8.5 Ton) and a rated power of 58.8 kW, this machine is designed to handle sugarcane harvesting tasks with precision and speed. Its structure type wheel style and hydraulic walking drive ensure smooth operation, while the theoretical walking speed (High/Low) of 0-20/0-8 km/h provides versatility for various field conditions. Additionally, the cutting speed of 0-3 km/h guarantees effective performance during the harvesting process.