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Reliable wheeled Sugarcane harvesting machines supplier from China: offering a Whole Stalk Harvester weighing 7.2 tons with a robust 65 KW power output, delivering a productivity range of 3.0-4.5 kg/s, and a maximum walking speed of ≥26 km/h.
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Detail Information

  1. Rapid Sugarcane Cutting: This machine excels in swift and efficient sugarcane cutting.

  2. Organized Collection: The sugarcane harvester gathers cut sugarcanes systematically.

  3. Leaf Cleaning: It effectively removes leaves from the sugarcanes during harvesting.

  4. Stable Hydraulic Control: An automatic hydraulic control system ensures consistent and reliable performance.

  5. Intelligent Safety: The integrated security system proactively prevents overload-related damages and accidents.

  6. Enhanced Efficiency: The leaf peeling brush enhances efficiency and durability, delivering exceptional performance.

    Sugarcane Harvesting Machines

Rated Power 65KW
Rated Speed 2400r/min
operation model  GPS,hydraulic guide control 
Undercarriage Style  Wheel Type
(Length×Width×Height) 12000*2280*2300mm
Machine Weight 7200KG
Wheel base 2600mm
Track(front/rear) 1580mm/1480mm
Productivity 3.0-4.5kg/s
Total Loss of Combine(%) ≤5
Breakage Rate(%) ≤10
Dirt Percentage(%)  ≤2-3
Fqt Fuel Quantity  17L/h
Grade Climbing Ability ≤18°
Row Spacing for Harvest ≥850mm
Max. Walking Speed ≥26km/h
Hydraulic Tank Capacity  230L
Fuel Tank Capacity 20L

Whole Stalk Harvesting Machines

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