Excavator attachments are like extra tools that you can add to an excavator to help it do more things. They make excavators more useful for different jobs, from digging to lifting and breaking stuff. Here are some common excavator attachments:
  • Buckets: These are used for digging and moving dirt or other materials.
  • Hydraulic Hammers/Breakers: They're good for breaking hard things like concrete.
  • Grapples: They help grab and move big stuff like logs or scrap metal.
  • Augers: These drill holes in the ground for things like fence posts.
  • Shears: They cut through metal, useful for demolition or recycling.
  • Compactors: They squash down soil or gravel to make it firmer.
  • Rakes: These clear and level the ground, good for landscaping.
  • Tilt Rotators: They let the bucket or attachment on the excavator tilt and turn, making it easier to work in tight spaces.
Providing Wooden Clamp Attachments for Excavators: With a maximum radius of 7500 mm, a generous width of 1250 mm, and a maximum radius clamp weight of 800 kg, these attachments offer versatile wood-handling capabilities. Featuring a 360° rotation angle, our attachments ensure precision and efficiency in every operation.
As an Electromagnetic Lifting Magnet Factory, we specialize in designing solutions for special excavators to efficiently move ferromagnetic materials. Operating at 220 V, our lifting magnets feature a diameter range of 800-1200 mm and a robust sucker weight of 800-1000 kg. Elevate your material handling capabilities with our precision-engineered electromagnetic lifting solutions.
As a Railroad Grapples Fabricator, we specialize in crafting custom excavator attachments. With an adjustable opening width ranging from 200 to 650 mm and a rake max width of 2800 mm (or customizable), our attachments provide versatile solutions. Featuring a 360° rotation angle, our products are designed to meet diverse operational needs with precision and efficiency.
As a Ballast Blaster Undercutter Maker, we offer premium excavation equipment designed for optimal performance. With a variable rotation speed of 44-66 r/min and a length of 4000 mm, our undercutter stands out as the ideal choice to enhance overall ballast and infrastructure. Experience precision and efficiency in your projects with our advanced excavation equipment.
Explore our Excavator Attachment Material Leveling Device, crafted by a leading manufacturer. With a customizable width ranging from 2200 to 2500 mm, this device is specifically designed to flatten bulk cargo loaded on trains. Enhance efficiency and precision in your operations with this versatile and tailor-made leveling solution.
Introducing our Log Grab Manufacturer, a leading provider of excavator accessories. With an impressive max clamping radius of 7500 mm, capable of handling logs up to 800 kg at the maximum radius clamp weight, and a maximum width of 1250 mm, our accessory is designed to streamline wood handling processes, ensuring efficiency and precision in every operation.
Meet our Cotton Bale Grab Mill in China, an exceptional excavator attachment designed for superior handling. With a maximum clamping radius of 7000 mm, an impressive max opening width of 1980 mm, and a minimum opening width of 700 mm, this attachment ensures unparalleled versatility. Weighing in at 650 kg, it is perfectly crafted for precise and efficient handling of cotton bales.
Explore our Tamper Attachments, expertly crafted for hydraulic excavators. With a vibration frequency of 35-63 Hz and an excitation force of ≥ 21 KN, these attachments deliver optimal performance. Featuring a 45° angle and an efficiency of ≥ 120 pieces per hour, they are the perfect solution for your compacting needs.
Discover our Replacement Breaking Hammer designed for 4-7 tons excavators. With a compact body measuring 1349 mm in length and 270 mm in width, this 250 KG hammer delivers efficient performance. Operating at a drive oil pressure of 110-140 Psi and a strike frequency between 500-900 bpm, it's the ideal choice for precision and power in your excavation needs.
Introducing our Multi-flap Grab Plant in China, designed for efficiency. Weighing 760 kg, this plant boasts a maximum opening of 1530 mm and a full 360° rotation angle. With a close diameter of 880 mm, it is perfectly suited for the loading and unloading tasks of excavators. Elevate your operations with this versatile and high-performance equipment.