Tamper Attachments from Hydraulic Excavator Manufacturer China

Key Specifications / Features

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Explore our Tamper Attachments, expertly crafted for hydraulic excavators. With a vibration frequency of 35-63 Hz and an excitation force of ≥ 21 KN, these attachments deliver optimal performance. Featuring a 45° angle and an efficiency of ≥ 120 pieces per hour, they are the perfect solution for your compacting needs.
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Detail Information

Vibration Frequency: 35-63 Hz        
Excitaion Force: ≥21 KN                
Tamping Down Insertion Depth: ≥90 mm                       
Rotation Angle: 45 °                
Efficiency: ≥ 120 Pcs/h

Tamper Attachments from Hydraulic Excavator Manufacturer China

We offer an array of work tools including grabs, forks, pulverizers, and more to cater to diverse application requirements. Additionally, a range of fixtures is available to enhance machine performance. The auxiliary hydraulic lines are strategically positioned on the boom base, simplifying the installation of the hydraulic circuit for work tools. This not only streamlines the process but also reduces the time, components, and costs associated with tool installation.

Tamper Attachments from Hydraulic Excavator Manufacturer

1. Our clients benefit from a twelve-month or 2000-hour warranty on every machine they purchase from us.

2. Experience our state-of-the-art facilities and a comfortable environment, complemented by training services tailored for various users.

3. If a material or workmanship defect arises in spare parts during the warranty period under normal operation, we will, at our discretion, repair or replace the defective part at no cost.

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