Cotton Bale Grab for Excavator Parts

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Model No.: WE-240123-EA-04
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Meet our Cotton Bale Grab Mill in China, an exceptional excavator attachment designed for superior handling. With a maximum clamping radius of 7000 mm, an impressive max opening width of 1980 mm, and a minimum opening width of 700 mm, this attachment ensures unparalleled versatility. Weighing in at 650 kg, it is perfectly crafted for precise and efficient handling of cotton bales.
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Detail Information

Max Clamping Radius: 7000 mm
Max Opening Width: 1980 mm                 
Min Opening Width: 700 mm               
Weight: 650 kg
Cotton Bale Grab for Excavator Parts

Topper provide a variety of work equipments, such as grabs, forks, pulverizers, and more, to meet diverse application needs. Our fixtures enhance machine performance, and strategically positioned auxiliary hydraulic lines on the boom base simplify tool hydraulic circuit installation. This streamlines the process, reducing time, components, and costs.
Cotton Bale Grab for Excavator Parts

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