A wheeled excavator, also called a mobile excavator, is a handy construction machine used in different industries like building, road repair, digging, gardening, and utilities work. Unlike regular excavators that move on tracks, wheeled excavators have wheels, making them easier to move around on roads and smooth surfaces. Our wheeled excavators are known for their ability to move easily, handle a variety of tasks, and get the job done efficiently. They're a smart choice for digging and building projects, offering great value for money. Plus, they come with features that keep operators safe and comfortable, making their work easier and more enjoyable.


Meet the AB100S Wheeled Hydraulic Excavators-where performance and versatility unite. Model No.: AB100S, boasting an operating weight of 9000 kg and driven by a 62.5 kW engine, it outshines in a wide array of applications.Benefit from its 2000 mm tail swing radius, ensuring excellent maneuverability. The 0.35 m³ bucket capacity enhances efficiency during material handling.Travel at a maximum speed of 23 km/h, swiftly navigating between work areas. Enjoy a generous digging reach of 7000 mm and a digging depth of 3900 mm, perfect for deep excavation projects.Conquer challenging terrains effortlessly, thanks to the impressive 50 KN traction force and 30°/58% gradeability. The AB100S is your reliable companion for superior performance in any construction endeavor.


Allow us to present the AB80s Wheeled Full Hydraulic Excavators-a powerful fusion of efficiency and strength. Operating at 6300 kg with a 48 kW engine, it excels in diverse construction tasks. Enjoy remarkable maneuverability with its 1750 mm tail swing radius.Featuring a Hydraulic System Flow of 130 L/min, ensuring seamless operation. The 0.25 m³ bucket capacity enhances productivity. Travel at 25 km/h, transitioning swiftly between work areas.Dig with ease - 6080 mm reach and 3010 mm depth for deep excavation projects. Tackle tough terrains confidently with 60 KN traction force and 30 °/58% gradeability.Count on the AB80s for unmatched construction performance.


Introducing the AB75S Wheel Excavators-the epitome of power and efficiency. With an impressive 58.8 kW engine and an operating weight of 6000 kg, it's designed to handle any construction task with ease. Its 1775 mm tail swing radius ensures maneuverability in tight spaces, while the 0.2-0.3 m³ bucket capacity allows for versatile material handling. Travel at up to 25 km/h and enjoy a maximum digging reach of 6000 mm and digging depth of 2970 mm. With a robust 45 KN traction force and 30 °/58% gradeability, this excavator conquers challenging terrains effortlessly. The AB75S is your ultimate partner for superior performance on any job site.


We are a trusted manufacturer of full hydraulic wheeled excavators, offering machines with a weight of 8.4 tons, a robust 62.5 KW rated power, a boom length of 4000 mm, a walking speed of 25 km/h, and a 0.3 m³ bucket.


Our tire excavator factory specializes in hydraulic-type machines, including a 6.2-ton model with a specified cylinder. It boasts a boom length of 3475 mm, a maximum digging reach of 6080 mm, and a generous 0.3 m³ bucket capacity, making it an ideal choice for various tasks.


As a hydraulic wheeled excavator fabricator, we provide machines equipped with double boom cylinders, rotary motors, multi-tandem valves, and double-speed walking motors, ensuring optimal performance and versatility for your needs.


7.8 Tons Wheeled Excavator Maker from China: providing 7.8 tons wheeled excavators featuring a 65 KW turbocharged engine for power, a top walking speed of 25 km/h for efficiency, and a luxurious lift cab equipped with air conditioning and a comfortable seat for your convenience.


Choose our top-notch wheeled construction excavators from China, equipped with a double-cylinder design. With a machine weight of 8 tons and a robust 60 kW engine, these excavators can reach a maximum digging reach of 6780 mm, making them ideal for a wide range of construction tasks.


Introducing our new model wheeled excavator, equipped with a double gear box for enhanced performance. With a machine weight of 5.9 tons and a rated power of 58.8 kW, it boasts a 3030 mm boom length and can reach a maximum digging reach of 6000 mm. This excavator is ready to tackle a variety of tasks with precision and efficiency.