Double-Cylinder Wheeled Excavators for Hot Sale

Key Specifications / Features

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Choose our top-notch wheeled construction excavators from China, equipped with a double-cylinder design. With a machine weight of 8 tons and a robust 60 kW engine, these excavators can reach a maximum digging reach of 6780 mm, making them ideal for a wide range of construction tasks.
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Detail Information

RANGE OF OPERATION Boom length 3820mm
Arm length 1710mm
Maximum Digging Reach 6780mm
Maximum Digging Depth 4220mm
Maximum Digging Force 50KN
Maximum Digging Height 6630mm
Maximum Dumping Height 4440~4710mm
Back-end radius of gyration 2000mm
DIMENSION (Length*width*height) travel position 6720*2380*2950mm
Wheel base 2620mm
Track(Front/rear) 1930mm
Ground clearance of counterweight 1250mm
Min ground clearance 250mm
TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Angle of rotation 360°
Machine weight 8000kg
Engine model YC4D85Z-T20
Rated Power 60KW
Rated Speed 2200r/min
Hydraulic system working pressure 23.5Mpa
Hydraulic system flow 198L/min
Variable piston pump 2*45ml/r
Max tracion force 50KN
Walking speed 28km/h
Grade Climbing ability 58%/30°
Tyre model 825.2
Volume Of Bucket 0.35m3
Revolution Overdrive Pressure 20Mpa
Full circle swinging time 5.5s
Fqt Fuel Quantity  ≥6L/h
Capacity Of The Fuel Tank 137L
Hydraulic Tank Capacity  109L

Discover the advantages of our excavators:

  1. Utilize high-quality cylinders for improved performance.
  2. Feature a new integrated console, enhancing operator comfort during operation.
  3. Incorporate a patented grapple with flexible rotation, boosting work efficiency.
  4. Offer a luxurious cab with air conditioning, a multi-functional charging interface, and a comfortable shock-resistant seat. The lift cab provides a spacious, well-lit interior with excellent visibility, reduced noise levels, and decreased driver fatigue, ultimately enhancing work efficiency.
  5. Employ a full hydraulic pilot operation system that is advanced and user-friendly, ensuring a lightweight and flexible experience.
  6. Constructed using high-quality steel, our machines are robust, reliable, and exceptionally durable.
  7. Boast a strong drive system with high carrying capacity and impressive tractive force to withstand impacts.
  8. Equipped with a multi-way valve, hydraulic system, and walking motor sourced from South Korea, ensuring advanced and dependable performance.
  9. Feature a new condition engine with turbocharging, utilizing a renowned domestic engine brand. This ensures low fuel consumption, robust power, and exceptional reliability.
  10. Utilize steel-braided tubes for both inlet and outlet oil lines, providing oil-resistant and high-pressure tubing for safe and dependable operation.
  11. Come equipped with engineering cross-country tires designed for excellent anti-friction performance.

Double-Cylinder Wheeled Excavators

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