5.6 Ton Wheeled Sugar Cane Leaf Peeling Harvester Machine

Key Specifications / Features

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Introducing the Wheeled Sugar Cane Leaf Peeling Harvester Machine: A versatile solution designed to streamline harvesting processes. With a weight of 5.6 tons and an engine power of 95.6 kW, it stands as a robust performer in the field. Boasting a remarkable productivity rate of 2.9 kg/s, it efficiently handles the task at hand. Navigating with a max walking speed of 5 km/h, this harvester machine ensures timely operations. From peeling sugar cane leaves to enhancing overall efficiency,
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Detail Information

Engine: DongFangHong
Rated Power: 95.6 kw
Rated Speed: 2200 r/min
operation model: GPS, Hydraulic Guide Control 
Undercarriage Style: Intelligent Automatic Rubber Crawler
(Length * Width * Height) Travel Position: 6000 * 1900 * 2800 mm
Machine Weight: 5600 kg, 5.6 Ton
Track: 1150 mm
Wheelbase: 1600 mm
Productivity: 2.9 kg/s
Total Loss of Combine(%): ≤ 5
Breakage Rate (%): ≤ 10
Dirt Percentage (%): ≤ 2 - 3
Fqt Fuel Quantity: 23 L/h
Grade Climbing Ability: ≤ 18 °
Row Spacing for Harvest: ≥ 900 mm
Max Walking Speed: 5 km/h
Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 300 L
Fuel Tank Capacity: 190 L

Sugarcane Leaf Peeling Harvester

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