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We are a leading manufacturer of railway tamping machines and ballast compactors. Our equipment achieves exceptional efficiency through advanced hydraulic systems and precision technology, ensuring top-tier performance in railway maintenance.
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The Ballast Tamper is engineered to deliver impressive compaction force and vibration frequency. It's the perfect solution for targeted track tamping, assisting rail networks, transit systems, and railway contractors in stabilizing tracks in various critical areas. These include bridge approaches, switch points, railyard applications, track sidings, and mainline tracks, all while supporting undercutting, cribbing, and re-surfacing operations.

Railway Tamping Machines

The Tamper Head easily attaches to hydraulic excavators, hi-rail grapple trucks, and backhoe loaders. It seamlessly integrates with both pin grab coupler systems and tiltrotator coupler systems. Models designed for pin grab couplers offer either 180 or 360-degree rotation, providing flexibility in your operations. Our hi-rail grapple truck models come with an integrated dangling rotator and are equipped with clevis, catering to specialized needs.

Railway Ballast Compactors

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