Crawler Ballast Maintenance Machine with Undercutter

Key Specifications / Features

Model No.: WE-231007-HE-14
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Our crawler-type ballast maintenance machine features an undercutter with full 360° continuous rotation, allowing it to achieve cutting rates ranging from 20 to 50 meters per hour. This equipment is engineered for efficient railway ballast maintenance.
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Detail Information

Our Ballast Blaster Undercutters are meticulously tailored to complement your specific machine, ensuring peak performance levels. These undercutters typically achieve impressive cutting rates, ranging from 20 to 50 meters per hour (or 65 to 165 feet per hour), contingent upon the model and prevailing track conditions.

Our Ballast Tool Equipment features the coveted full 360° continuous rotation capability. This enhanced flexibility empowers operators to efficiently work from either side of the tracks, further streamlining their tasks. Additionally, it substantially enhances spoil pile management, affording operators greater flexibility and enabling them to achieve optimal cutting speed and performance.


Ballast undercutter parameter
 Rotation angle of ballast Undercutter ≥270°
 Ballast chain line speed ≥3.0m/s
 Effective working radiu ≥1500mm(Two-way access)
Rotation speed (sprocket rotation) 150r/min
Completed ballast replacement distance per hour ≥20m/h
 Dimensions of Ballast Undercutter 2500*900*900mm
 Ballast Undercutter Total Weight 600Kg
(Length*width*height)Transport dimensions 6100*2200*2650mm
 Axle base 2600mm
Track gauge 1570mm
 Width of crawler 400mm
Min. ground clearance 280mm
Tech performance and specification
 Machine weight 8500kg
 Engine model YUCHAI
 Rated power 55KW
 Rated speed 2200r/min
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