Major Causes of Excavator Computer Board Damage

Many excavator owners often find themselves shaking their heads in frustration, lamenting that the computer board of their excavator has burned out again, or the instrument panel lights won't come on. In reality, most of these issues are caused by human error. Typically, the computer board and instrument panel of an excavator cost from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan to replace, so experiencing such failures can be distressing. Therefore, paying attention to the following aspects during the use of excavators can reduce the probability of damaging these electrical components and incurring losses:

1. Poor contact or oxidation of battery terminal connections can significantly increase the risk of damage to the computer board CPU and instrument panel, similar to the principles of household appliances. Just as poor contact or switches in household appliances can lead to flickering bulbs or burnt-out bulbs, the electrical systems of excavators operate on similar principles. Therefore, it is essential to ensure secure battery terminal connections.

2. Reversing the battery connection is a severe mistake with a high failure rate. It can result in melting of electrical wires or, worse, damage to the power circuit and CPU of the computer board and instrument panel. Some excavator circuits include diodes; if the power supply polarity is reversed, these diodes are likely to be damaged as well. Fuses will not provide protection in such cases.

3. Malfunctioning throttle motors or improper operation can lead to overheating and short circuits, easily damaging the throttle control circuitry of the computer board. This type of failure is inevitable if not properly addressed. Regularly cleaning and maintaining the throttle motor assembly can reduce the risk of such failures. Attempting to force movement of the throttle control lever while the excavator is powered on can also lead to damage to the computer board.

4. In cold weather, if the excavator has difficulty starting, connecting a 36-volt battery as an additional power source to start the machine is a method commonly used in older excavators. However, performing this operation on newer models with computer board control may cause problems, potentially burning out the main power relay and safety relay. If these relays are damaged and short-circuit their internal coils, the computer board and instrument panel of the excavator will also be damaged.

5. Water ingress into the computer board or instrument panel is a common and highly destructive phenomenon. Especially if water enters the computer board while it is powered on, the internal circuit boards will likely be completely burnt and oxidized beyond repair. Another scenario is water entering the connector harness of the computer board, leading to oxidation of the connector pins and poor contact with the circuit board solder joints.

6. Misoperation by maintenance technicians is another common cause of damage. Many excavator maintenance technicians, lacking understanding of electronic circuits, may resort to short-circuit testing to diagnose suspected faulty electronic components. This method of short-circuiting circuits is highly discouraged in circuit repair due to its high potential for causing damage.

The aforementioned are several possible causes of easily damaging the computer board and instrument panel of excavators. Adhering to regulations and proper maintenance during machine use can mitigate the likelihood of such failures. The critical component of the excavator, the computer board, is not as prone to damage as it may seem.

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