Railway Track Maintenance Equipment for Sale, Crawler Type

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Our railway track maintenance equipment is a high-efficiency, multi-functional solution for repairing, maintaining, and replacing railway sleepers, ensuring the reliability and safety of railway operations.
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In the Track Maintenance Train, the engine's air intake system incorporates an air filter crafted by the renowned brand Dachang, tailored for use in high-dust environments. This robust filter efficiently reduces the intake of dust, providing a three-stage filtration effect. As a result, the replacement cycle for the air filter has been extended from 500 hours to an impressive 1000 hours, effectively reducing the overall cost of service parts.

Our Railway Sleeper equipment represents the latest advancement in high-efficiency and multifunctional railway maintenance tools. It has been specially engineered to meet the diverse needs of railway departments across various countries, facilitating the repair and maintenance of railway sleepers while seamlessly replacing old ones.

Track Maintenance Equipment

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