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We are your reliable railway undercutter ballast tamping machine factory, specializing in versatile equipment designed for sleeper replacement, ballast excavation, cargo handling, and powered by advanced hydraulic tools. Our machines are the cornerstone of efficient railway maintenance.
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The railway multifunctional machine comprises several key components, including a crawler excavator, sleeper changing operation device, ballasting operation device, rail guiding device, and various additional attachments.

Its primary uses include:

  1. Performing partial and batch sleeper replacement during standard gauge line maintenance.
  2. Excavating ballast as part of standard gauge line maintenance.
  3. Utilizing the equipped operating arm for loading and unloading cargo, provided the cargo falls within weight limits.
  4. Supplying power to external hydraulic tools through the onboard hydraulic system.
  5. Employing a ballasting device for local or turnout ballast replacement operations when needed.
  6. Using a tamping device for ballast tamping operations when required.
 Railway Ballast Tamping Machine

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