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Experience the efficiency of our wheeled hydraulic handling excavator, designed with a 4A grade slewing bearing. Perfect for loading and unloading ships, trains, and automobiles, it's your go-to solution for heavy-duty material handling.
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The Handling Excavator is well-suited for efficiently loading and unloading ships, trains, and automobiles, as well as handling large scraps, moving them, and organizing them. It excels in managing steel scraps, waste materials, and the loading and unloading process.

Now, let's highlight the advantages of our Rotating Grabs Excavator:

  1. We employ standard 4A grade slewing bearings to ensure the wood grab operates flawlessly.
  2. These grapples offer outstanding performance and exceptional durability, meeting the rigorous standards of today's market.
  3. With a 360° rotation capability, our grapples significantly reduce loading and unloading times and costs for materials like wood, sugarcane, and similar items.
Hydraulic Excavator with Grapple
Hydraulic Excavators with Grapple

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