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As a producer of hybrid excavators, we offer both crawler and wheeled options, featuring a single-dipper design. With a machine weight of 9.2 tons, an engine power of 62.5 KW, and a maximum digging reach of 6900 mm, our excavators are built to tackle a wide range of tasks efficiently.
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Detail Information

Boom Length 3680mm
Arm Length 2000mm
Maximum Digging Reach 6900mm
Maximum Digging Depth 3300mm
Maximum Digging Force 45KN
Maximum Digging Height 7300mm
Maximum Dumping Height 5250mm
Back-End Radius Of Gyration 1980mm
Max radius of capture 6000mm
Grab The Biggest Opening Width 1250-1500mm
Grab The Minimum Opening Width 100-300mm
Maximum Radius Weight Capacity 500-600kg
Grapple Rotation Angle 360°
Maximum Dumping Height 4700mm
Back-End Radius Of Gyration 1980mm
(Length*width*height) travel position 6500*2300*2930mm
Wheel base 3400mm
Track(Front/rear) 1850mm/1750mm
Wheel base 1730mm
Track Gauge 1690mm
Width of Crawler 400mm
Ground clearance of counterweight 1040mm
Min ground clearance 200mm
Angle of rotation 360°
Machine weight 9400kgs
Engine model YUCHAI YC4FA85
Rated Power 62.5KW
Rated Speed 2200r/min
Hydraulic system working pressure 20Mpa
Hydraulic system flow 120L/min
Variable piston pump 2*28ml/r
Max Hauling Force 45KN
Walking speed 25km/h
Grade Climbing ability 58%/30°
Tyre model 825-16
Volume Of Bucket 0.2-0.3m³
Swing Overload Pressure 16Mpa
Full circle swinging time 5.5s
Fqt Fuel Quantity  ≥4L/h
Hydraulic Tank Capacity  110L
Capacity Of The Fuel Tank 110L

Crawler and Wheeled Hybrid Excavator

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