Wheel Excavator: Applications and Features

The wheel excavator, equipped with a full-power triple pump compound control system, boasts a compact structure, agile operation, and easy maintenance. It serves as an ideal work machine for agricultural, forestry, water conservancy, and engineering construction in tight spaces, replacing manual labor and liberating future workforces. It is truly an exemplary piece of equipment.

Highlighted Advantages:

  • The triple pump and triple pump compound oil supply enable the independent hydraulic systems for the boom, arm, and rotation, ensuring fast and smooth operations.
  • Adopting a walking device enhances stability and reliability, ensuring superior performance.
  • The main valve features an imported HUSCO (Hersk) component, excelling in both performance and operational efficiency. It can be equipped with a breaker pipeline and control system for efficient breaking.
  • The Eaton rotary motor ensures reliability, high displacement, and torque, making it adaptable to various working conditions.
  • The integrated dashboard displays essential parameters such as water temperature, oil pressure, and operating time.
  • The unique handrail box design includes a left-side box that can be lifted and has a small swing angle, offering a user-friendly design that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to access.

The wheel excavator's distinctive arm lateral shift function caters to a wide range of narrow boundaries, including wall roots, pipelines, and indoor constructions!

Wheel Excavator Applications:

  • Orchard: Excavating for fertilization trenches, tree planting, weeding, soil cultivation, and land reclamation.
  • Trenching: Digging cable trenches, water or sewage pipes, gas pipelines, and more.
  • Landscaping: Planting trees and digging trenches for landscaping purposes.
  • Mountain Contracting: Tree planting, terraced field restoration, trenching, road construction, weeding, and land filling.
  • Indoor Operations: Demolition and basement backfilling.
  • Breaking: Breaking roads and concrete surfaces, crushing stones on mountains, and more.
  • Mining: Tunnel and cave construction, various mines, and vertical shafts.
  • Vegetable Greenhouse: Suitable for deep soil operations.
  • Medicinal Herb Digging: Used for harvesting medicinal herbs. Other Applications:
  • Agriculture and Forestry Planting, farmland renovation, small earthmoving projects, municipal engineering, road repairs, farms, gardening, and river dredging projects, among other operational environments.
  • With capabilities for excavation, breaking, hooking, drilling, and leveling, the quick interchangeability of parts significantly enhances the machine's utilization rate.

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