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Welcome to our Coal Unloading Long Reach Excavator Factory. Our excavators feature a reinforced turntable, an extra-long arm for extended reach, and deliver robust performance with high-quality imported components.


Manufacturers of Material Handler Excavators, our machines come equipped with both grab and bucket attachments, feature high-quality cylinders for performance, an integrated console for operator comfort, and rugged cross-country tires for versatility and durability.


These Wheeled Timber Log Wood Firewood Catching Machines, equipped with a plunger pump, guarantee smooth and efficient operations while loading sugarcane and timber. Streamline your wood handling with ease.


Introducing our brand-new square bale handler, the ideal solution for efficiently loading sugarcane and timber. Equipped with an efficient grab attachment, it ensures smooth, high-efficiency operations, making it a top choice for your material handling needs.


Experience the efficiency of our wheeled hydraulic handling excavator, designed with a 4A grade slewing bearing. Perfect for loading and unloading ships, trains, and automobiles, it's your go-to solution for heavy-duty material handling.


Discover our compact tire excavator solution, featuring an independent hydraulic steering system and an automatic gearbox with high and low-speed gear options. Your go-to supplier for small-sized excavator needs.


Elevate your excavation efficiency with our 13 ton wheeled excavator featuring an upgraded hydraulic control system. Experience automatic pressure and speed adjustments, improved performance, and easy maintenance, making your operations seamless.


Magnet lifting material handlers for scrap recycling offer efficient and powerful solutions for safely transporting and sorting metal scrap, enhancing productivity in recycling facilities while reducing manual labor and operational costs.


Experience the power of a Rubber Track Undercarriage Excavator featuring an imported rotary motor, dual-speed motor, and piston pump. Benefit from quick reactions and remarkable working efficiency, making your tasks effortless.


Introducing our Compact Digger Machine: Our excavators are engineered for precision and productivity, offering specialized attachments designed for confined spaces to optimize performance. Discover the ultimate efficiency in excavation.