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Discover the latest Mini Hydraulic Excavators: Your go-to provider for a perfect blend of speed and power, ideal for versatile digging and earthmoving in tight spaces.


Explore our trustworthy wheeled excavators, complete with a rock/stone grab. Effortlessly navigate rugged terrain and manage heavy materials with precision and efficiency.


In search of a dependable cotton grab machine? Look no further. Discover our wheeled cotton grab machine featuring an extended arm and impressive unloading height. Tailored for efficient cotton handling onto tall trucks, this machine ensures seamless operations.


Leading Wheeled Electromagnetic Crane Manufacturer: Crafted for optimal steel recycling, featuring a robust magnetic grab for efficient and precise operations


Discover our Wheeled Hydraulic Scrap Magnet Handler, featuring a powerful Magnetic Grab. Designed to excel in scrap steel recycling facilities and steel-making workshops, this equipment offers efficient and effective handling solutions.


Crafted by the manufacturer of Mini Wheeled Excavators, these machines are equipped with Quick-Change Joints, offering the flexibility to seamlessly interchange attachments such as auger drills, breakers, loading buckets, bulldozers, grabs, and more.


Crawler Scrap Metal Handling Equipment Plant: Featuring a Polyp Grab, this facility excels in efficiently sorting ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals from conveyor belts. With a focus on safety and reliability, it delivers environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient operations, characterized by low noise levels and a prolonged service life.


Leading the industry in producing top-quality wheeled excavators, our equipment features an advanced Double Cylinder Piston Pump System. This system provides a robust assurance of exceptional smoothness and stability, enhancing performance and reliability across various applications


Introducing our 2.5 Tons Mini Wheeled Excavator, a compact and agile digging machine meticulously designed for precision work in confined spaces. This small yet powerful equipment is tailored to excel in environments such as buildings and compact city roads, where maneuverability is key. Its thoughtful design guarantees exceptional convenience, making it the ideal solution for a wide range of construction and excavation tasks.


These innovative machines utilize exceptionally powerful electromagnets, allowing for precise and efficient transportation of steel materials. Our material handlers find indispensable application in scrap recycling departments and the steel industry, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency and resource utilization.