Wheeled Cotton Grab Machine, Equipped with Lifting Cab

Key Specifications / Features

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In search of a dependable cotton grab machine? Look no further. Discover our wheeled cotton grab machine featuring an extended arm and impressive unloading height. Tailored for efficient cotton handling onto tall trucks, this machine ensures seamless operations.
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This cotton harvesting and loading machinery has been meticulously developed and tailored to cater to the needs of cotton production enterprises and cotton collection facilities. Equipped with an extended arm and an exceptionally high unloading capacity of 7-8 meters, it is purpose-built to efficiently load and unload cotton onto elongated and towering trucks. The incorporation of dedicated outriggers enhances the stability of the equipment, ensuring steadfast performance throughout the cotton handling process. Additionally, the availability of an optional elevated cabin not only enhances the operator's visibility for safer and more fuel-efficient operation but also significantly improves overall operational efficiency.

Cotton Grab Machine

Cotton Grab Machine

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