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Leading the industry as a wheeled material handler excavator manufacturer, we offer cutting-edge solutions. Our excavator comes equipped with a state-of-the-art grabber attachment, delivering a remarkable grab capacity of 2.5 - 3 tons, and features a unique 360° rotating stall for unparalleled versatility.
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Detail Information

The Material Handler Excavator, equipped with cutting-edge teeth, offers the option of teeth made from cast steel or a welded patch crafted from wear-resistant steel. Elevate your operations with TOPPER Orange Peel Grapples, capable of a 2.5-3-ton grabbing capacity. These grapples excel in tasks such as loading and unloading in wood mills, sugarcane fields, stone factories, and scrap iron plants. Their unique 360° rotating design ensures reliability and durability.
Range of Operation
 Boom length 9000mm
 Arm length 4000mm
 Maximum Dumping Height 4500~10500mm
 Farthest Grabing Distance 5500~12500mm
 Max. lifting height of cab 1800~2500mm
 Back-end radius of gyration 3500mm
(Length*width*height) Transport Dimensions 11500*3000*3500mm
 Axle base  3300mm
Wheel base (front/rear) 1930mm
Ground clearance of counterweight 1350mm
 Min ground clearance 400mm
 Angle of rotation 360°
 Weight of Grab 760Kg
 Max. Opening Width of Grab 1530mm
  Closing diam 880mm
Tech performance and specification
 Angle of rotation 360°
 Machine weight 25000kg
 Engine model Cummins(National StageⅡ)
 Rated Power 133KW
Rated Speed 2200r/min
Volume of bucket 1.1m3
 Hydraulic system working pressure 32Mpa
 Hydranlic system flow 450L/min
Walking speed 25km/h
 Fqt Fuel Quantity  ≥12L/h

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