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We are the maker of wood grabber wheeled loaders, featuring a 360° iron claw rotation for precision. Our machines are equipped with a robust hydraulic system and multiple filter systems, ensuring durability and energy savings.
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The wheeled loader and wood grabber feature a versatile 360° rotating iron claw. This configuration includes a renowned Yuchai engine known for its high power and fuel efficiency, complying with China's third emission standard. It boasts durability and precision. The hydraulic system offers precise flow control based on load demands, synchronizing with the engine's real-time power for remarkable energy savings. With imported multi-way valves and high-quality pipelines, it delivers stable compound actions and boosts work efficiency. Multiple oil and air filters provide robust protection and easier maintenance for quick transitions.

The wheeled excavator exhibits robust power and sturdy structural components, ensuring reliability. Its potent engine enables excellent digging force and faster digging speed, allowing for more efficient work completion. Moreover, it excels in gradeability, slewing force, and lifting capacity, making it ideal for a variety of demanding tasks. The upgraded cooling system operates effectively in diverse climates, reducing the risk of overheating in summer. High-strength manganese steel is used in structural parts, while the weighted bridge and reinforced work device ensure stability under extreme conditions. The bucket is strengthened with heavy excavator bucket teeth and wear-resistant components to enhance excavation strength and prolong service life.


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