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Introducing our brand-new hydraulic grab excavator, powered by an advanced turbocharged engine that delivers optimal power while minimizing power loss. These excavators are designed for forestry logging, ensuring efficient and high-performance operations.
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The Sugarcane Loading Machine provides an extensive field of vision, ensuring a 360° view without blind spots, thus enhancing overall work safety. The cabin offers increased space, providing a wider rear view. It includes a suspension seat and standard heating and cooling air conditioning, greatly enhancing the operator's comfort.

Advantages of the Topper Cane Loader For Sale:

It is well-suited for various tasks, such as loading and unloading ships, trains, and automobiles. Moreover, it excels in handling significant loads, including the grabbing, movement, and organization of steel scraps and waste materials during loading and unloading processes.

The use of wear-resistant, specially designed solid steel eliminates the need for additional reinforcement.

This loader effectively minimizes hydraulic issues that may occur during rotational tasks, ensuring smoother and more efficient operations.

Hydraulic Grab Excavator

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