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Our wheeled type excavator comes with a claw grab and a hydraulic system. It features a robust grab capacity of 3 tons and boasts a unique 360° rotating stall for enhanced reliability and performance.
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The Claw Excavator is a powerful machine designed to handle a grab capacity of 2.5-3 tons, making it exceptionally versatile for various industries. Its applications span across wood mills, sugarcane fields, stone factories, and scrap iron plants, among others, showcasing its adaptability in diverse working environments.

One of its standout features is the unique 360° rotating stall, which adds to its reliability and durability. This innovative design allows the excavator to efficiently maneuver and grasp materials from any angle, greatly enhancing productivity and precision in material handling tasks.

In addition to its impressive grabbing capabilities, the Claw Excavator is equipped with a bulldozer that plays a vital role in improving both the stability of the working state and the overall performance of the machine. This bulldozer feature ensures that the excavator maintains steady control, even in challenging terrains or when handling heavy loads.

Wheeled Excavator with Claw Grab
Wheeled Excavators with Claw Grab

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