Grab Excavators

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Discover our versatile Wheeled Scrap Handler, a heavyweight in performance. With a robust 25-ton construction and a commanding engine power of 133 kW, this handler delivers optimal efficiency. Featuring a maximum grab open of 1530 mm and a substantial grab weight of 760 kg, it ensures effective material handling. Reach out with confidence as it offers a grabbing distance of 12500 mm, making it an essential tool for various tasks in the field.


Discover our brand-new wheeled handler, expertly equipped with a grab for versatile handling. It features a durable 360° rotating stall for enhanced stability, making it the perfect tailored equipment for a wide range of diverse applications.


We are the maker of wood grabber wheeled loaders, featuring a 360° iron claw rotation for precision. Our machines are equipped with a robust hydraulic system and multiple filter systems, ensuring durability and energy savings.


As a trusted manufacturer of wheeled excavators, we provide reliable solutions with fixed wood grabs. Our simplified cross-type design guarantees structural strength and easy installation for your convenience.


We are a leading supplier of tire-type excavators in China, offering versatile handling with an efficient mechanical wood grabber. Our cross-type design ensures convenient operation, powered by a reliable hydraulic system.


We are the producer of highly efficient ferrous scrap handlers. Our brand-new machines feature smooth movement powered by a plunger pump, and they are equipped with popular wheeled excavators with a 360° rotary grab for versatile handling.


Your trusted source for brand new Hydraulic Tyre Excavators. Our machines come equipped with a grab, integrated console, high-quality cylinders, and rugged, wear-resistant off-road tires, ensuring top-notch performance and durability.


Welcome to our Coal Unloading Long Reach Excavator Factory. Our excavators feature a reinforced turntable, an extra-long arm for extended reach, and deliver robust performance with high-quality imported components.


Manufacturers of Material Handler Excavators, our machines come equipped with both grab and bucket attachments, feature high-quality cylinders for performance, an integrated console for operator comfort, and rugged cross-country tires for versatility and durability.


These Wheeled Timber Log Wood Firewood Catching Machines, equipped with a plunger pump, guarantee smooth and efficient operations while loading sugarcane and timber. Streamline your wood handling with ease.