Introducing our brand-new square bale handler, the ideal solution for efficiently loading sugarcane and timber. Equipped with an efficient grab attachment, it ensures smooth, high-efficiency operations, making it a top choice for your material handling needs.
Experience the efficiency of our wheeled hydraulic handling excavator, designed with a 4A grade slewing bearing. Perfect for loading and unloading ships, trains, and automobiles, it's your go-to solution for heavy-duty material handling.
In search of a dependable cotton grab machine? Look no further. Discover our wheeled cotton grab machine featuring an extended arm and impressive unloading height. Tailored for efficient cotton handling onto tall trucks, this machine ensures seamless operations.
Crawler Scrap Metal Handling Equipment Plant: Featuring a Polyp Grab, this facility excels in efficiently sorting ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals from conveyor belts. With a focus on safety and reliability, it delivers environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient operations, characterized by low noise levels and a prolonged service life.