Hi-Rail Excavators

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We are a leading manufacturer of railway tamping machines and ballast compactors. Our equipment achieves exceptional efficiency through advanced hydraulic systems and precision technology, ensuring top-tier performance in railway maintenance.


Explore our brand-new rail road excavators, meticulously designed for efficient and precise ballast track maintenance. These machines play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and reliability of railway operations, meeting the highest industry standards.


Our railway sleeper changer machine, featuring a slotted bucket, simplifies operations, saving valuable time and resources while significantly boosting productivity in railway maintenance.


Introducing our brand-new railway excavator, equipped with specialized ballast screening machinery. This crawler-type excavator is designed to level and shape ballast, contributing to the enhancement of railway infrastructure for optimal performance.


Being a manufacturer of ballast regulating machines, we specialize in crawler-type equipment precision-designed for uniform ballast distribution. Our machines ensure a stable foundation for efficient train operations, enhancing railway safety and reliability.


We are your trusted supplier of ballast bed regulator machines in China. Our user-friendly, lightweight, highly efficient, and reliable equipment is perfect for seamless railway ballast operations.


As a producer of railway sleeper replacement equipment, we feature slotted buckets that streamline operations, maximizing productivity, and saving valuable time and resources in railway maintenance.


Experience versatility with our hydraulic ballast regulator, perfectly suited for a wide range of tracks. Whether it's post-overhaul tamping or compacting a new ballast bed, this regulator ensures optimal railway application.


We are your trusted provider of crawler railway sleeper changer equipment, purpose-built for railway sleeper replacement. Our equipment offers customizable grab widths to match local sleeper dimensions, ensuring precise and efficient operations.


Our hydraulic single and double ballast tamper is designed to efficiently tamp complex turnout sections, including switches and connecting parts, facilitating effective line maintenance for railways.