Hi-Rail Excavators

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Introduce our versatile Hi-Rail Crawler Excavators, a dynamic solution for rail-related operations. With a robust weight of 8.5 tons and an engine power ranging from 45 to 55 kW, these excavators deliver reliable performance. Equipped with a Rotary Screening Bucket Capacity of ≥ 0.25 m³, they ensure efficient material handling. With a Max digging force of ≥ 45 KN, these excavators are engineered to tackle challenging tasks with precision and power.


Explore our Hi-Rail Crawler Excavators–the ultimate solution for versatile rail and construction operations. With a substantial weight of 13000 kg, these excavators are equipped with a powerful 102 kW engine, ensuring efficient performance. Experience remarkable capabilities, including a max opening distance of 650 mm for the shear, a max cutting force of 350 KN, and a max lifting height of 2000 mm for car pressing. With a max traction force of 76.5 KN and a high/low walking speed of 5/2.9 km/h, these excavators excel on various terrains with a gradeability of < 70%/35°.


We are your reliable railway undercutter ballast tamping machine factory, specializing in versatile equipment designed for sleeper replacement, ballast excavation, cargo handling, and powered by advanced hydraulic tools. Our machines are the cornerstone of efficient railway maintenance.


We are a leading manufacturer of brand-new railway material leveling machines, featuring a wheeled type design. Our machines deliver outstanding efficiency, thanks to advanced hydraulic systems and precision technology, making them the ideal choice for railway material leveling tasks.


We are a leading manufacturer of brand-new railroad excavators, equipped with a range of specialized attachments including sleeper changer, railway ballast tamping machine, railway ballast undercutter, and ballast cleaning machine. Our equipment is designed for comprehensive railway maintenance.


Discover our railroad cribbing bucket excavator, a powerful trencher-style undercutter designed for spot maintenance and effectively cleaning out the cribs between the ties on railroads.


We are your trusted provider of railway ballast tamper equipment, featuring a hydraulic system. Our equipment is specially designed for efficiently tamping complicated and difficult turnout sections during line maintenance.


The railway ballast regulator machine facilitates easy transportation and laying of ballast, which can be graded and/or compacted using ballast conditioners or tampers for optimal track maintenance.


As a fabricator of new railroad tamper stabilizer machines, we prioritize robust structures and dependable components to ensure durability. Our stringent quality control measures guarantee efficiency, making our machines a dependable choice for railway maintenance.


Our hydraulic railroad tie and switch tamping machine feature a reasonable and ergonomic design that enhances operator comfort while ensuring safety during operations. It's the ideal choice for efficient railway maintenance.