Hi-Rail Excavators

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Introducing our soil screen machine, weighing 8.5 tons and powered by 48 - 55 kW. This equipment is equipped with a 360° rotary screening bucket, offering a maximum bucket capacity of ≥ 0.25 m³ for efficient soil screening.


Our crawler-type railway track ballast screening machinery is dedicated to distributing cleaned ballast for track stability, ensuring the longevity of railway infrastructure. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the reliability of rail networks.


Railroad excavators, equipped with specialized railway ballast plows, feature a boom length of 3030 mm and an arm length of 1620 mm. These machines offer a max digging reach of 5200 mm and a max digging depth of 2200 mm, making them ideal for railway maintenance and construction.


Introducing our Crawler-Type Railway Sleepers Renewal Machine, meticulously designed to facilitate rapid, safe, and efficient replacement of both concrete and wooden sleepers. Experience swift and secure railway maintenance like never before.


Allow us to introduce our cutting-edge Crawler Excavator-mounted Railway Ballast Tamping Machine—an innovative solution meticulously crafted to revolutionize efficient track maintenance. With an operational weight of 8100 kg and energized by a 62.5 kW engine, it unleashes significant power and performance. Navigating even confined areas is a breeze, courtesy of the compact tail swing radius measuring 1750 mm. This machine operates at an awe-inspiring efficiency level of 550-600 PCS/Hour and boasts a robust max digging force of 45 KN, embodying a strategic engineering approach that optimizes the entire process of railway ballast tamping operations.


Introduce our meticulously designed Crawler Hi-Rail Excavators, equipped with a Ballast Undercutter for optimized performance. With a sturdy weight of 8 tons and a commanding engine power of 48 kW, these excavators are tailored for a wide array of tasks. Their compact tail swing radius of 1750 mm ensures agility in confined spaces. Boasting an impressive maximum digging reach of 7200 mm and a depth of 4100 mm, alongside a robust undercutters max torque of 8.8 KN, these excavators are precision-engineered to excel across diverse operations with remarkable efficiency.


Explore our Wheeled Hi-Rail Excavator Machine, a powerful solution equipped with a Railroad Sleeper Changer. With a robust weight of 12.5 tons and an engine power of 55 kW, this machine stands ready for a multitude of tasks. Its impressive max reach of 7200 mm and tail swing radius of 2250 mm make it exceptionally adaptable. Boasting a maximum digging reach of 7200 mm and a depth of 4100 mm, this excavator is designed to excel in a wide range of operations.


Presenting our Crawler Railway Excavators, your definitive solution for top-tier efficiency and precision. Outfitted with exclusive Railway Sleeper Changer Attachments, these machines exhibit enhanced versatility. Their weight spans from 8 to 8.5 tons, and they operate with engines delivering 48-55 kW output, ensuring unparalleled performance. With a tail swing radius of 1980 mm, these excavators showcase exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces, all while retaining optimum power and control.


Discover our Crawler Hydraulic Railway Sleeper Changer and Grab Excavators. Crafted by a leading manufacturer, these versatile machines weigh 8 tons and are driven by engines with a power range of 48-55 kW. With a maximum grab open of 650 mm and grab width up to 200 mm, these excavators offer efficient and flexible railway sleeper changing and material handling solutions.


Introducing the Crawler-Type High Output Ballast Cleaner Machine by Network Rail. This robust machine weighs 8.5 tons and is equipped with a powerful 55 kW engine. With an effective working radius of over 1500 mm, it ensures efficient and thorough ballast cleaning for railway maintenance and improvement projects.