Crawler Hi-Rail Excavators with Ballast Undercutter

Key Specifications / Features

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Introduce our meticulously designed Crawler Hi-Rail Excavators, equipped with a Ballast Undercutter for optimized performance. With a sturdy weight of 8 tons and a commanding engine power of 48 kW, these excavators are tailored for a wide array of tasks. Their compact tail swing radius of 1750 mm ensures agility in confined spaces. Boasting an impressive maximum digging reach of 7200 mm and a depth of 4100 mm, alongside a robust undercutters max torque of 8.8 KN, these excavators are precision-engineered to excel across diverse operations with remarkable efficiency.
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Detail Information

Operating Weight: 8000kg, 8 Tons
Engine Power: 48 kw
Tail Swing Radius: 1750 mm
Bucket Capacity: 0.25 m³
High Speed / Low Speed: 4.5 /2.5 km/h
Max Traction force: 45 KN
Max Digging Reach: 7200 mm
Max Digging Depth: 4100 mm
Max Digging Force: 90 KN
Max Digging Height: 8000 mm
Max Dumping Height: 6000 mm
Grade Climbing ability: 30 °/58%

Off-Track Undercutters
Rotation Speed (High Speed / Low Speed): 20 - 40 r/min
Max Torque: 8.8 KN
Max Working Radius(bidirectional): 1650mm

RANGE OF OPERATION Boom Length 3030mm
Arm Length 1850mm
Back-end Eadius of Gyration 1750mm
Off-Track Undercutters Rotation Speed (High Speed / Low Speed) 20-40r/min
Maximum Torque 8.8KN
Maximum Working Radius (Bidirectional) 1650mm
DIMENSION (Length*width*height) Travel Position 6100*2200*2650mm
Distance From The arm to Rotate Machine 3600mm
Wheel Base 2900mm
Track Gauge 1570mm
Width Of Crawler 400mm
Ground Clearance of Counterweight 780mm
Min Ground Clearance 280mm
TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Angle of Rotation 210°
Machine Weight 8000kg
Engine Model YUCHAI
Rated Power 48KW
Rated Speed 2200r/min
Hydraulic System Working Pressure 21Mpa
Hydraulic System Flow 120L/min
Metering Gear Pump 2*28ml/r
Max Traction Force 45KN
(High Speed/Low Speed) 4.5/2.5km/h
Grade Climbing Ability 70%/35°
Volume of Bucket 0.25m3
Revolution Overdrive Pressure 16Mpa
Full Circle Swinging Time 5.5s
Fqt Fuel Quantity  ≥4L/h
Capacity of The Fuel Tank 110L
Hydraulic Tank Capacity  110L

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