8-8.5 Ton Crawler Railway Sleeper Changer Excavators

Key Specifications / Features

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Presenting our Crawler Railway Excavators, your definitive solution for top-tier efficiency and precision. Outfitted with exclusive Railway Sleeper Changer Attachments, these machines exhibit enhanced versatility. Their weight spans from 8 to 8.5 tons, and they operate with engines delivering 48-55 kW output, ensuring unparalleled performance. With a tail swing radius of 1980 mm, these excavators showcase exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces, all while retaining optimum power and control.
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Detail Information

Boom Length: 3300 mm
Arm Length: 1850 mm
Maimum Digging Force: 45 KN
Back-End Radius Of Gyration: 1980 mm
Screening Bucket Attachment    
Max. Bucket Capacity: ≥ 0.25 m³
Swing Speed Of Bucket: ≥ 30 r/Min
Maximum Digging Force: ≥ 45 KN

(Length * Width * Height) Travel Position: 6100 * 2800 * 2650 mm
Roller Gauge: 2600 mm
Track Gauge: 1570 mm
Width Of Crawler: 400 mm
Ground Clearance Of Counterweight: 780 mm
Min Ground Clearance: 280 mm
Technical Parameters    
Applicable Railway Gauge: 1435 mm (Customizable)
Angle Of Rotation: 360 °
Machine Weight: 8000 - 8500 kg
Engine Model: Yuchai
Rated Power: 48 - 62.5 Kw
Rated Speed: 2200 r/Min
Fqt Fuel Quantity: ≥ 4 L/h
Capacity Of The Fuel Tank: 110 L
Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 110 L

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