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Model No.: WE-230927-HE-01

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Railroad excavators, equipped with specialized railway ballast plows, feature a boom length of 3030 mm and an arm length of 1620 mm. These machines offer a max digging reach of 5200 mm and a max digging depth of 2200 mm, making them ideal for railway maintenance and construction.
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Detail Information

Technical parameters of railway screening machine
 Excavator operation parameters
Boom length 3030mm
Arm length 1620mm
Max. digging reach 5200mm
Max. digging depth(Below the tracks) 2200mm
Max. digging force 28KN
Maximum digging height (unlimited positions) 5000mm
Maximum working height (limit adjustable) <4350mm
 Working radius of gyration 950mm

Railway Ballast Plow Excavators
Railway Ballast Plow Excavator

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