Model No.: WE-230926-GE-01
Leading the industry as a wheeled material handler excavator manufacturer, we offer cutting-edge solutions. Our excavator comes equipped with a state-of-the-art grabber attachment, delivering a remarkable grab capacity of 2.5 - 3 tons, and features a unique 360° rotating stall for unparalleled versatility.
Model No.: WE-230926-WE-01
Introducing our brand-new wheeled excavator, featuring fully hydraulic pilot operation and an advanced, user-friendly system. This excavator combines efficiency with flexibility, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of tasks.
Model No.: WE-230919-WE-03
Unlock enhanced excavation performance with our 7.4-ton wheeled excavator. Featuring a potent 58.8 kW engine, it reaches depths of 3250 mm, extends up to 6120 mm, maintains a tight 1980 mm tail swing radius, and moves with agility at 25 km/h.
Model No.: WE-230919-WE-02
Elevate your excavating tasks with our top-tier tire excavator plant. Weighing 6 tons, boasting 50 kW of power, and reaching depths of 3380 mm, this high-quality machine moves at 35 km/h and offers a versatile bucket range of 0.2-0.3 m³.
Model No.: WE-230919-WE-01
Discover excellence in excavation with our premier 7-ton rubber tire excavator. Engineered in China, it boasts 58.5 kW of power, a swift 25.5 km/h travel speed, a remarkable 6120 mm max digging reach, and a deep 3250 mm max digging depth.
Model No.: WE-230907-CE-02
Discover our dependable Crawler Excavators, with a weight of 6 tons, a powerful 58.8 KW engine, and an impressive maximum digging depth of 3580 mm. Equipped with a versatile 0.2-0.3 m³ bucket and a tail swing radius of just 1700 mm, these excavators are your ideal choice for efficient and precise digging tasks.
Model No.: WE-230829-ME-03
Discover our premium Wheeled Mini Hydraulic Backhoe Excavators: With a capacity of 2.5 tons and engine power of 19.1 kW, these machines excel. They feature a tail swing radius of 1980 mm and an impressive max digging reach of 3900 mm.
Model No.: WE-23082-WE-03
Explore our Chinese-built Wheeled Excavator: With a weight of 8 tons and engine power of 65 kW, it boasts a tail swing radius of 1980 mm. Its impressive attributes include a maximum grab opening of 1250 mm and a bucket capacity of 0.3 m³.
Model No.: WE-230829-ME-02
Introduce our 5 Ton Mini Excavator crafted in China: A versatile solution for a wide array of tasks. Its compact design guarantees agility, allowing it to tackle projects with remarkable precision.
Model No.: WE-230829-ME-01
Leading Chinese Manufacturer of 2.5 - 3 Tons Wheeled Mini Diggers: These compact and mobile small wheeled diggers excel in pipe excavation, foundation work, and house maintenance tasks.