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Experience the capabilities of our mini wheeled construction machinery, offering dynamic solutions that excel in maneuverability and efficiency across a wide range of construction operations.


Discover our wheeled cotton bales grab loader, expertly manufactured to handle cotton bales. With an operating weight of 7.8 tons and a powerful 62.5 kW engine, this loader ensures efficient performance. It boasts a maximum opening grab width of 1250 mm and can handle a maximum radius grab of 800 kg, making it a versatile solution for cotton handling needs.


Explore our top-tier selection as a leading Tyre Excavator supplier from China. With an operating weight of 7 tons and engine power ranging from 4 KW to 58.8 KW, our machines offer exceptional performance. A tail swing radius of 1800 mm and bucket capacities of 0.25 m³ ensure efficient operations for your needs.


Introducing our Crawler-Type Railway Sleepers Renewal Machine, meticulously designed to facilitate rapid, safe, and efficient replacement of both concrete and wooden sleepers. Experience swift and secure railway maintenance like never before.


Introducing our range of Wheeled Forestry Grapple Excavators, where innovation meets efficiency. These excavators come equipped with an imported rotary deceleration system that significantly enhances the steering efficiency of the wood grabber. With a robust weight of 8.6 tons and powered by a 65 kW engine, these machines are designed to tackle tough tasks. Offering a maximum grabbing capacity of 500-800 kg, they are tailored for optimal performance in forestry operations.


Presenting our top-tier selection of Crawler Excavators, embodying the pinnacle of construction equipment quality. Weighing in at 8.7 tons and driven by a formidable 58.5 kW engine, these excavators consistently deliver outstanding performance. Boasting a tail swing radius of 1950 mm and an impressive maximum digging reach spanning 6750 mm, their versatility knows no bounds. The inclusion of a 0.36 m³ bucket further optimizes efficiency, rendering these excavators the ultimate solution for an extensive array of excavation endeavors.


Introducing our Crawler Skid Backhoe Excavator, a formidable machine weighing 22 tons and boasting a robust engine power of 128.5 kW. With a tail swing radius of 2840 mm and an impressive maximum digging reach of 6625 mm, this excavator is equipped to tackle a variety of tasks. Its substantial 1.2 m³ bucket further enhances its capabilities, making it an efficient and versatile choice for demanding excavation projects.


The Wheeled Excavator is outfitted with advanced Tiptronic Dual Drive technology. With a robust 7-ton capacity and a powerful 48 kW engine, it delivers exceptional performance. Its compact design features a tail swing radius of 1970 mm, while the 0.2 - 0.3 m³ bucket enhances operational efficiency


Discover our 10 Ton Wheeled Excavator, featuring an advanced Wheel Side Deceleration System for optimized performance. With a sturdy 10-ton capacity, this equipment is powered by a robust 73.5 kW engine. It offers a tail swing radius of 2000 mm and is equipped with a 0.35 m³ bucket, making it an ideal choice for various construction and excavation tasks.


Explore our available Backhoe Loaders for Sale, sourced directly from a trusted fabricator. These equipment offerings come equipped with a Heavy Duty Bucket and boast a capacity of 7 tons. With an engine power of 58.8 kW, they offer a maximum digging reach of 6400 mm and feature a tail swing radius of 1820 mm.