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Explore our Wheeled Rotating Grabs Excavator, a precision tool designed for exceptional performance. Weighing 6.5 tons and equipped with a 50 kW engine, this excavator delivers both power and finesse. With a remarkable Max Radius Weight capacity of 600 kg, it ensures efficient lifting operations. Its compact Tail Swing Radius of 1775 mm ensures agility in tight spaces. The Grab Max Open of 1500 mm enhances its versatility, making this excavator the perfect choice for a wide range of applications requiring precision and strength.


Experience the efficiency of our Wheeled Sugar Cane Loaders, purpose-built for seamless operations in the field. Weighing in at 8.4 tons, with an engine power of 65 kW, these loaders deliver remarkable performance. With a Max Digging Radius of 7500 mm, they ensure extensive reach for your tasks. Capable of lifting up to 400 kg, they offer strength where it counts. The Grab Max Open of 1250 mm further enhances their versatility, making these loaders the ideal solution for effective and streamlined sugar cane handling.


Introducing our advanced Wheeled Grab Excavators, designed specifically for efficient Timber Wood Handling. With a robust build weighing 8.6 tons and an engine power of 65 kW, these excavators deliver exceptional performance. Equipped with versatile capabilities, they offer a Grab Max Capacities range of 500 to 800 kg, ensuring optimal material handling. The Grab Max Open of 1250 mm allows for smooth and effective loading and unloading operations, making these excavators an ideal choice for timber and wood handling tasks.


Discover our versatile Wheeled Scrap Handler, a heavyweight in performance. With a robust 25-ton construction and a commanding engine power of 133 kW, this handler delivers optimal efficiency. Featuring a maximum grab open of 1530 mm and a substantial grab weight of 760 kg, it ensures effective material handling. Reach out with confidence as it offers a grabbing distance of 12500 mm, making it an essential tool for various tasks in the field.


Introducing our dependable Wheeled Type Whole Stalk Sugarcane Harvester, designed for unparalleled performance. With a robust build weighing 7.2 tons and a powerful engine boasting 65 kW, this harvester ensures efficient operations. Zooming at a maximum walking speed of ≥ 26 km/h, it's a true powerhouse in the field. Equipped with advanced features such as GPS and Hydraulic Guide Control, this harvester is your trusted partner for precision and productivity.


Explore our top-tier 6-ton Crawler Digging Machines, boasting a formidable engine power of 58.8 kW. With an impressive maximum reach of 6000 mm and a tail swing radius of 1700 mm, this machine offers exceptional agility. Equipped with bucket capacities ranging from 0.2 to 0.3 m³, it ensures efficient and versatile operations for your digging needs.


Presenting our range of Hydraulic Crawler Excavators: Engineered with an 8.7-ton operating weight and fueled by a 65 kW engine, these machines showcase remarkable performance. Showcasing a generous max reach of 6950 mm and a tail swing radius of 1950 mm, they provide exceptional handling. Featuring 0.36 m³ bucket capacities, these excavators are meticulously designed for adept and adaptable tasks.


Introducing our premium selection of Crawler Excavators. With a robust 22.3-ton weight and powered by a formidable 128.5 kW engine, these machines are synonymous with top-quality performance. Featuring a max digging depth of 6592 mm and a tail swing radius of 2794 mm, these excavators exemplify precision. Equipped with generous 1.2 m³ bucket capacities, they stand ready to tackle a diverse range of tasks.


Looking for a reliable supplier of crawler trackhoe excavators? Your search ends here! Our machines, boasting an operating weight of 7 tons and driven by a robust 58.8 kW engine, deliver exceptional performance. Featuring a maximum reach of 6350 mm and a tail swing radius of 1800 mm, these excavators excel in maneuvering. With a 0.25 m³ bucket, they're well-prepared for diverse tasks. Contact us today to explore our range of crawler trackhoe excavators and see how we can fulfill your requirements!


In need of a reliable source for high-quality crawler rubber duck excavators? Look no further! Our excavators, weighing 7 tons and powered by a robust 58.8 kW engine, guarantee top-tier performance. Sporting a maximum reach of 6350 mm and a tail swing radius of 1800 mm, these machines excel in agility. Equipped with a 0.35 m³ bucket, they're your versatile solution for diverse tasks. Contact us today to explore our range of crawler rubber duck excavators and see how we can meet your needs!