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Introducing the Wheeled Tractor Loader Maker: A powerful solution with an operating weight of 7.8 tons. With an engine power of 62.5 kW, it offers impressive performance. Equipped with a grab that opens up to 1250 mm, it can easily handle materials like cotton bales, with a maximum radius grabbing weight of 800 kg. Ideal for efficient and effective operations.


Explore our Hi-Rail Crawler Excavators–the ultimate solution for versatile rail and construction operations. With a substantial weight of 13000 kg, these excavators are equipped with a powerful 102 kW engine, ensuring efficient performance. Experience remarkable capabilities, including a max opening distance of 650 mm for the shear, a max cutting force of 350 KN, and a max lifting height of 2000 mm for car pressing. With a max traction force of 76.5 KN and a high/low walking speed of 5/2.9 km/h, these excavators excel on various terrains with a gradeability of < 70%/35°.


Meet the Crawler Sugar Cane Harvesting Machine: a robust solution meticulously crafted for effective sugarcane harvesting. This machine boasts a 95.6 KW rated power engine and an intelligent automatic rubber crawler undercarriage, ensuring seamless operation at a maximum walking speed of 5 km/h. With an operating weight of 5600 kg, coupled with advanced features like GPS and hydraulic guide control, it guarantees a productivity rate of 2.9 kg/s while upholding stability even on inclines of up to 18°.


Discover our Mini Wheeled Sugarcane Harvester & Leaves Removing Machine – a powerful solution for efficient sugarcane harvesting. With an operating weight of 8500 kg (8.5 Ton) and a rated power of 58.8 kW, this machine is designed to handle sugarcane harvesting tasks with precision and speed. Its structure type wheel style and hydraulic walking drive ensure smooth operation, while the theoretical walking speed (High/Low) of 0-20/0-8 km/h provides versatility for various field conditions. Additionally, the cutting speed of 0-3 km/h guarantees effective performance during the harvesting process.


Presenting our Mini Rubber Chain Crawler Excavators–compact and versatile machines weighing 1600 kg (1.6 Ton). With a rated power range of 13.6 kw to 19 kw, these excavators deliver efficient performance. Equipped with a 790 mm tail swing radius, 0.04 m³ bucket volume, and impressive dimensions, they excel in various tasks. Achieve a Max Digging Reach of 2882 mm and navigate challenging terrains effortlessly with a Gradeability of < 30°.


Explore our Mini Crawler Excavators–a dynamic solution for your projects. With an operating weight of 840 kg and a rated power of 7.4 kW, it's designed for efficiency. Featuring a tail swing radius of 790 mm and a 0.22 m³ bucket volume, it's perfect for tight spaces. Reach up to 2882 mm for digging and achieve precision with a Max Digging Depth of 1748 mm. Whether it's landscaping or construction, this excavator delivers power with a Gradeability of < 30°.


Introducing our Mini Crawler Excavator–a compact powerhouse weighing 1600 kg. With a rated power of 13.6/19 kW, it offers efficient operation. Featuring a 940 mm tail swing radius, 0.04 m³ bucket volume, and impressive dimensions, it excels in diverse construction tasks. With a Max Digging Reach of 3800 mm and a Gradeability of < 30 °. Whether you're working on landscaping, construction, or other tasks, our 1.6 Ton Mini Excavator is your reliable partner for efficiency, power, and performance.


Our demolition and scrap metal crusher is a versatile machine equipped with a shear, ideal for scrap iron recycling, pickup, loading, waste paper, and garbage handling. It's the all-in-one solution for efficient material management.


Our wheeled type excavator comes with a claw grab and a hydraulic system. It features a robust grab capacity of 3 tons and boasts a unique 360° rotating stall for enhanced reliability and performance.


Introducing our brand-new hydraulic grab excavator, powered by an advanced turbocharged engine that delivers optimal power while minimizing power loss. These excavators are designed for forestry logging, ensuring efficient and high-performance operations.