Model No.: WE-230816-WE-05
Explore the capabilities of our Wheeled Excavators. With a weight of 8 tons and driven by a 60 kW engine, these machines deliver outstanding efficiency. Boasting a maximum reach of 6780 mm and a tail swing radius of 2000 mm, they showcase superior maneuvering. Featuring a 0.35 m³ bucket, these excavators present themselves as your answer for a multitude of tasks.
Model No.: WE-230816-WE-04
Introducing our Wheeled Excavators equipped with a Material Leveler and Coal Sweeper. Weighing 8.5 tons and powered by a 62.5 kW engine, these machines offer optimal performance. With a leveler width of 2500 mm and a tail swing radius of 1800 mm, they ensure efficiency. Sporting a 0.25 m³ bucket, these excavators stand prepared to handle an array of tasks with remarkable versatility.
Model No.: WE-230816-WE-03
Uncover the range of our Wheeled Excavators, showcasing Automatic Full Hydraulic Transmission. These 10-ton units wield substantial force, driven by a 73.5 kW engine that delivers exceptional potency. Boasting a maximum reach of 7350 mm and a tail swing radius of 2100 mm, their agility sets them apart. Featuring a 0.4 m³ bucket, these excavators emerge as your adaptable answer for an array of tasks.
Model No.: WE-230816-WE-02
Discover our range of Wheeled Medium Excavators. With an operating weight of 13.5 tons and an engine power of 93 kW, these excavators promise impressive performance. Featuring a max reach of 7900 mm and a tail swing radius of 2250 mm, they excel in maneuverability. Equipped with bucket capacities ranging from 0.4 to 0.5 m³, these excavators are your solution for versatile tasks.
Model No.: WE-230816-WE-01
Experience the excellence of Wheeled Electric Hydraulic Excavators. With an operating weight of 7 tons, and engine power ranging from 4 to 58.8 kW, these machines ensure remarkable performance. Boasting a max reach of 6120 mm and a compact tail swing radius of 1800 mm, they excel in tight spaces. Equipped with 0.25 m³ bucket capacities, these excavators are the solution to efficient and versatile tasks.
Model No.: WE-230815-WE-01
Step into the realm of excellence at the Wheeled Rubber Duck Digger Excavator Factory. Our collection showcases a formidable 7-ton apparatus, energized by engines spanning 45 to 58.8 kW. Sporting an impressive max reach of 6120 mm and a tidy tail swing radius of 1800 mm, this excavator promises dexterity within confined spaces. With bucket capacities of 0.25 m³, it emerges as your answer to accomplishing versatile and efficient digging operations.
Model No.: WE-230815-SCM-02
Allow us to introduce the Heavy-Duty Log Wood Transport Truck Trailer Supplier, your dependable ally for efficient hauling. With a weight of 6 tons and driven by an 85 kW engine, it guarantees peak performance. Accompanied by a maximum traction force of 88 KN and a versatile travel speed spanning 3 to 6.5 km/h, this trailer proves its mettle in strenuous tasks. Count on it to provide smooth log wood transportation with unwavering power and precision.
Model No.: WE-230815-SCM-01
Introducing the Wheeled Sugar Cane Leaf Peeling Harvester Machine: A versatile solution designed to streamline harvesting processes. With a weight of 5.6 tons and an engine power of 95.6 kW, it stands as a robust performer in the field. Boasting a remarkable productivity rate of 2.9 kg/s, it efficiently handles the task at hand. Navigating with a max walking speed of 5 km/h, this harvester machine ensures timely operations. From peeling sugar cane leaves to enhancing overall efficiency,
Model No.: WE-230814-SCM-03
Meet the Railway Sleeper Changer Crawler Excavator – a testament to precision and efficiency. This 8-ton powerhouse embodies unparalleled stability, powered by a commanding 48 kW engine for unwavering performance. Equipped with a 650 mm max opening grab, this excavator easily handles diverse tasks, capable of managing 0.5-0.6 tons at its maximum radius. Our factory specializes in crafting versatile machinery to boost productivity in railway sleeper changing operations.
Model No.: WE-230814-SCM-02
Presenting the Crawler Scrap Car Demolisher, a heavy-duty solution designed for efficiency. With an operating weight of 16.5 tons and powered by a robust 103 kW engine, it's built for serious tasks. The shear offers a broad 650 mm maximum opening, coupled with an impressive max cutting force of 350 kN. This machine is skillfully crafted to provide the precision and strength needed for dismantling scrap cars effectively.