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Our crawler-type ballast maintenance machine features an undercutter with full 360° continuous rotation, allowing it to achieve cutting rates ranging from 20 to 50 meters per hour. This equipment is engineered for efficient railway ballast maintenance.


Introducing our brand-new railroad excavator, available in weights ranging from 8 to 8.5 tons and powered by 48-62.5 kW engines. These excavators provide a maximum digging force of 45 KN and feature a back-end radius of gyration measuring 1980 mm, making them ideal for precision railway maintenance.


Experience the efficiency of our crawler-type ballast cleaner, weighing 8.5 tons and driven by a 55 kW engine. With an effective working radius of ≥ 1500 mm and ballast undercutter dimensions measuring 2500 * 900 * 900 mm, it's designed for thorough ballast cleaning in railway maintenance.


Our railway track laying machines, with a machine weight of 13 tons and a rated power of 102 kW, are equipped with a hydraulic shear capable of reaching a max opening distance of 650 mm. These machines offer reliable performance with walking speeds of 5/2.9 km/h, ensuring efficient track laying operations.


Introducing our brand-new hydraulic sleeper changers, weighing 8 tons and powered by 48-55 kW engines. These machines feature a max opening width of grab at 650 mm and can handle a maximum radius grabbing weight of 0.6 tons, making them ideal for efficient railway sleeper replacement.


Our crawler ballast tamping machine, with a machine weight of 8.5 tons and an engine power of 55 kW, features an undercutter with a rotation angle of ≥ 270° and a weight of 600 kg. It's engineered for efficient railway ballast maintenance.


As a hydraulic railway ballast cleaning machine producer, we offer crawler-type equipment weighing 8.5 tons. Our machines feature a ballast undercutter with a total weight of 600 kg and an effective working radius of ≥ 1500 mm, ensuring efficient ballast cleaning for railway maintenance.


Introducing our soil screen machine, weighing 8.5 tons and powered by 48 - 55 kW. This equipment is equipped with a 360° rotary screening bucket, offering a maximum bucket capacity of ≥ 0.25 m³ for efficient soil screening.


Our crawler-type railway track ballast screening machinery is dedicated to distributing cleaned ballast for track stability, ensuring the longevity of railway infrastructure. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the reliability of rail networks.


Railroad excavators, equipped with specialized railway ballast plows, feature a boom length of 3030 mm and an arm length of 1620 mm. These machines offer a max digging reach of 5200 mm and a max digging depth of 2200 mm, making them ideal for railway maintenance and construction.