Model No.: WE-231008-SCM-12
Discover our brand-new tire excavator plant from China, featuring a turbocharged engine for optimal power. Equipped with a cotton grapple and a plunger pump for smooth operation, it also includes a 360° rotary grab for efficient material handling.
Model No.: WE-231008-SCM-10
Explore our hydraulic type shearing metal machine is equipped with a hydraulic automatic transmission for swift movement. It also offers enhanced stability thanks to the inclusion of double boom cylinders, making it a reliable choice for metal shearing tasks.
Model No.: WE-231008-SCM-08
Discover our hydraulic-type wheeled excavator is equipped with a grapple saw, enabling efficient secondary crushing and steel-concrete separation. It also offers quick mounting options for versatile operations.
Model No.: WE-231008-SCM-04
Explore our scrap metal shear excavator, with a machine weight of 16.5 tons and a rated power of 103 kW, delivers impressive performance. It offers a max cutting force of 350 KN, a walking speed of 5 km/h, and features a 360° rotation capability for efficient scrap metal handling.
Model No.: WE-231008-SCM-03
Our car dismantling machine is equipped with essential features including a hydraulic shear, hydraulic automatic transmission, and double boom cylinder to ensure smooth and efficient operations during car dismantling.
Model No.: WE-231008-SCM-02
Introducing our brand-new cotton handling crane, a wheeled type equipment powered by a rated 62.5 kW engine. This crane is equipped with a plunger pump and a 360° rotary grab, making it perfect for efficiently loading sugar canes and timbers.
Model No.: WE-231008-SCM-01
Discover our waste car demolition and scrap recycling equipment, featuring a wheeled design, offers fast hydraulic movement and enhanced stability thanks to the inclusion of double boom cylinders. It's the ideal solution for efficient scrap recycling operations.
Model No.: WE-231008-HE-02
Our hydraulic wheeled excavators, with a machine weight of 12 tons and a rated power of 85 kW, offer impressive capabilities. With a max digging reach of 7200 mm, a max digging depth of 4100 mm, and a bucket range of 0.4-0.5 m³, they are versatile and efficient machines for various applications.
Model No.: WE-231007-HE-18
Explore our hydraulic type railroad excavators, featuring a sleeper changer. These machines weigh 8 tons, boast a rated power of 48 kW, and offer a back-end radius of gyration of 1750 mm. They are designed for efficient railway maintenance.
Model No.: WE-231007-HE-15
Our hydraulic ballast cleaning machine, weighing 8.5 tons, features a hydraulic system and an undercutter with a total weight of 600 kg. Its full 360° continuous rotation capability ensures efficient ballast cleaning for railway maintenance.