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Our Whole Stalk SugarCane Harvester, equipped with an automatic hydraulic system and crawler design, offers exceptional efficiency and durability for seamless cutting, peeling, and collecting of sugarcane.


Reliable wheeled Sugarcane harvesting machines supplier from China: offering a Whole Stalk Harvester weighing 7.2 tons with a robust 65 KW power output, delivering a productivity range of 3.0-4.5 kg/s, and a maximum walking speed of ≥26 km/h.


Consider our brand new Sugar Cane harvesting equipment from China, a crawler-type machine weighing 5.6 tons. With a remarkable productivity of 2.9 kg/s and a total loss of combine at ≤ 5%, it's a top choice for efficient sugarcane harvesting.


As a producer of hybrid excavators, we offer both crawler and wheeled options, featuring a single-dipper design. With a machine weight of 9.2 tons, an engine power of 62.5 KW, and a maximum digging reach of 6900 mm, our excavators are built to tackle a wide range of tasks efficiently.


We are a trusted manufacturer of full hydraulic wheeled excavators, offering machines with a weight of 8.4 tons, a robust 62.5 KW rated power, a boom length of 4000 mm, a walking speed of 25 km/h, and a 0.3 m³ bucket.


Our tire excavator factory specializes in hydraulic-type machines, including a 6.2-ton model with a specified cylinder. It boasts a boom length of 3475 mm, a maximum digging reach of 6080 mm, and a generous 0.3 m³ bucket capacity, making it an ideal choice for various tasks.


As a hydraulic wheeled excavator fabricator, we provide machines equipped with double boom cylinders, rotary motors, multi-tandem valves, and double-speed walking motors, ensuring optimal performance and versatility for your needs.


7.8 Tons Wheeled Excavator Maker from China: providing 7.8 tons wheeled excavators featuring a 65 KW turbocharged engine for power, a top walking speed of 25 km/h for efficiency, and a luxurious lift cab equipped with air conditioning and a comfortable seat for your convenience.


Get unbeatable value with our cheap price brand new mini wheeled excavator, boasting a full hydraulic system. With a weight of 6 tons and a powerful 48 kW engine, it reaches impressive speeds of 35 km/h and can dig to a maximum depth of 3380 mm. This compact powerhouse is perfect for a variety of tasks.


Choose our top-notch wheeled construction excavators from China, equipped with a double-cylinder design. With a machine weight of 8 tons and a robust 60 kW engine, these excavators can reach a maximum digging reach of 6780 mm, making them ideal for a wide range of construction tasks.